Beoplay E6 Review
Sleek premium lookRugged, solid build
ExpensiveAverage Audio Quality
75%Overall Score

Bang & Olufsen, the Danish electronic brand has always been about premium pricing and high-end design. The Beoplay E6 wireless earphone is no different. At S$460, it’s definitely one of the more expensive wireless headphone that money can buy. But does it justify paying such a premium for the Beoplay E6?

The Beoplay E6 comes in the standard minimalistic box that all Beoplay products come in. You get a feel of the “premium-ness” of the product right from the box. It’s all-white with a lifestyle image of the product and feels really solid and sturdy in the hand. 

Sliding the inner box out reveals the earphones that fit snuggly in the form packaging. The earphones come in either sand or black colours. The E6 we have for this review is the black version, with comes with matching black nylon cable. Like most wireless sports earphones, the Beoplay E6 comes with magnetic earbuds that securely holds the earphones around your neck. It also turns the earphones off when placed together. The nylon braided cable gives it a really well-built feel unlike most of the low cost rubber ones in the market.The Beoplay E6 promises up to 5 hours of playtime with each charge. To charge the earphones, you will need to attach a charging cradle to it which might be a deal breaker to some as that would be an additional item to bring along on your travels or commute. To charge the E6 fully, you will need roughly 2 hours. 

Package Content:

Beoplay E6 wireless earphones

Pouch USB-A to snap-on charging cable

Silicone Ear Tips

Silicone Ear Fins

Cable Clips

Quick Start Guide


The Beoplay E6 shares the same design language as the E4 and H3 which is a bonus if you already like the look of the Beoplay earphones series. The body of the E6 is constructed with hard rubber & polymer – giving it a solid feel in the hand.

The wires of the E6 is further enforced with textured nylon – making it splash and dust resistant. The wires doesn’t pick up dusts like traditional wireless earphones that uses a rubber coating and it also reduces “rubbing” noise one usually gets when the earphones come in contact with your clothing. We only wished that the cable is just a tad longer than the 52cm. Audio

Bang & Olufsen has always been known for its good design but how does the E6 perform sound-wise? For the E6, Bang & Olufsen went for a crowd-friendly, heavy bass sound signature. You will find that the lows are enhanced almost all genres of music which will appeal to most bass heads who likes their bass strong and punchy.

The mids are pretty well balanced as well. If you like to listen to songs with strong emphasis on vocals or instruments, you will find the E6 very pleasing.Conclusion

Should you get the Beoplay E6 if you’re in the market for a pair of sports wireless earphones? Well, it really depends on what do you value most when it comes to selecting your earphones.

Design-wise, it’s hard to find a similar option in the market that combines a sleek look, premium material together with the brand equity that Bang & Olufsen commands. Audio-Wise, its bass heavy signature will appeal to the masses (read: non-audiophile) but there are many other earphones in the market with more impressive audio performance.

Ultimately at S$349, it is not an easy recommendation considering the number of option one has at the S$100 price range. But if looks and brand is what you’re looking for, the Beoplay E6 can do no wrong in elevating your street cred.

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