Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for work for home gadgets like speakers, webcams and headphones has seen a significant increase with the need for teleconferencing. The Sound Blaster JAM V2 is an upgraded version of the Sound Blaster JAM headset that Creative has released 6 years go.

Bluetooth Version5.04.1
Codec SupportedaptX HD, aptX LL, aptX, SBCFastStream, SBC
Multipoint Connectivity 
One-Tap Bass Enhancement
Battery LifeUp to 22 hours per chargeUp to 12 hours per charge
MicrophoneDual Single
SmartComms Kit
Qualcomm cVc™ 8.0 Noise Cancellation
Charging and Wired Playback ConnectionUSB-CmicroUSB

As you can see, the Sound Blaster JAM V2 is an improvement over its predecessor in almost every aspect.

In terms of package content, the Sound Blaster JAM V2 comes with the basic accessories to get you started. You get the JAM V2 headset, a USB-C cable for charging and connecting to your computer for USB audio, a spare pair of foam ear cushion and the quick start guide with warranty information.

Most of the controls for your music and voice calls can be found on the JAM V2 headset itself. You get the option to adjust the volume, play and pause the music, activate the voice assistant, answer call and even boost the bass for your music when you require it.

Plackback and call controls on the Sound Blaster JAM V2

Audio-wise, the Sound Blaster JAM V2 is powered by two high-performance 32 mm Neodymium drivers. As these are on-ear headphones that sits comfortably on your ears, you will not get as much noise-isolation as you would from in-ear earphones which might be safer to use while running on the streets. The ear cushions are also removable in case you want to give it a quick rinse after workout or you could simply replace them after a prolong period of usage.

Even though it is lightweight and at a low price point, the build quality of the Sound Blaster JAM V2 is pretty sturdy. You could literally twist the headphones (not that you should) and they will simple bend back into shape.

Creative App Software (Windows Only)

Besides the hardware, Creative has also included a free software with the Sound Blaster JAM V2. Simply called the Creative App, it allows EQ, playback and microphone settings customisation on the JAM V2 via the wired mode.

Customise the graphic EQ settings by dragging the curve or adjusting the preamp, bass and treble of the Sound Blaster JAM V2. However, do note that once you unplug the Sound Blaster JAM V2, your customised settings will be lost and you will need to redo it the next time you plug the headset in.

The greatest value of the Creative App would be in the form of the SmartComms Kit features. The SmartComms Kit is made up for 3 components: VoiceDetect, NoiseClean-out and NoiseClean-in.

VoiceDetectAutomatically mutes and unmutes the mic as you during a conference call.
NoiseClean-outReduce static background noises on outgoing audio during conference calls.
NoiseClean-inReduces static background noises on incoming audio during conference calls.

At S$59, the Sound Blaster JAM V2 is definitely one of the more affordable and comfortable Bluetooth headset in the market. It also comes wireless codecs like aptX HD, aptX LL, aptX, SBC which are mostly found on higher end headphones. The Creative App also helps to improve your video conferencing experience and we wish that a macOS version would come soon.

Get the Sound Blaster JAM V2 here.