If you were born before the early 2000s, chances are you would be pretty familiar with the Finnish telecommunication company – Nokia. Back in the days when feature phones dominated the mobile market, the brand Nokia was synonymous with producing quality handsets that were literally unbreakable for their toughness and durability. Nokia was also once the world’s largest phone manufacturer with over 50% market share of the mobile phone market.

Fast forward to two-decade, Nokia is still a mammoth corporation with quarterly revenue of over U$6 billion. While its main business is in selling network equipment and patent licensing, Nokia still has a significant portfolio of mobile products including smartphones and headphones.

Branded under Nokia Audio, the company has a collection of wireless headphones at different price point and feature set to ensure that there is something for everyone.

BatteryBluetoothTouch ControlSweatproofANCBattery IndicatorPrice
E3101Up to 20 hours5.1YesNoNoYes$79
E3102Up to 20 hours5.1YesIP44NoYes$89
E3103Up to 25 hours5.1YesIPX4NoNo$99
E3511Up to 25 hours5.2YesIP44YesNo$149

Nokia Essential E3101 True Wireless Earphones

The E3101 is Nokia’s entry-level True Wireless Earphone that comes in 3 colours: Black, White and Baby Blue.

The charging case comes with a 4-dot battery indicator that lights up and tells you the battery level of the charging when you lift up the lid.

Like most modern gadget, the E3101 charges via an included USB-C cable which is pretty convenient as such cables are widely available, especially if you’re an Android phone user.

The earbuds are pretty small and are magnetically secured into the charging case.

The earbuds follow a similar design to the EarPods and don’t require additional ear tips. I find that this design also fits well for my ears without having the need to change to different ear tips.

The NOKIA ESSENTIAL E3101 True Wireless Earphones are available now on the Nokia Audio store on Lazada at S$79.

Nokia Essential E3102 True Wireless Earphones

In terms of looks and design, I like the Nokia Essential E3102 True Wireless Earphones the most.

Available in White, Black and Orange, the E3102 comes with a the earbuds, charging case, 3 different sizes of eartips and also a USB-C charging cable.

I love how compact and simple the case is, far afar some might mistake it for the Apple AirPods Pro as well (which is a good thing!).

The earbuds themselves are pretty lightweight. The design is similar to the Apple AirPods Pro and you get to choose from 3 different sizes of ear tips to get the perfect fit.

The NOKIA ESSENTIAL E3102 True Wireless Earphones are available now on the Nokia Audio store on Lazada at S$89.

Nokia Essential E3103 True Wireless Earphones

If you’re looking for something fun-looking and cute, the E3103 is definitely the one you should be checking out! It comes in Pink, Blue, White and Black and the charging case has a compact, oval shaped design!

The pink color is more of a baby pink and the cute oval shape design fits perfectly into your palm. I like how unintimidating the E3103 looks which I think would appeal to the female demographics.

Like the other models, the earbuds are held on securing via a strong magnet, and on the front of the casing, you will get a charging indicator led light.

The earbuds are also very compact and lightweight, you don’t get the feeling that it will drop out even while running. The E3103 features a EarPod design which doesn’t need to attach a rubber eartip for the perfect fit.

The NOKIA ESSENTIAL E3103 True Wireless Earphones are available now on the Nokia Audio store on Lazada at S$99.

Nokia Essential E3511 True Wireless Earphones

The Nokia Essential E3511 comes with Active Noise Cancellation and also Ambient Mode. This helps to block out ambient noises like the noises on the plane or train and also lets you hear your surrounding while running on the road.

Right out of the box, the E3511 includes a small metallic charging case, 3 different sizes of earbuds and also a short USB-C cable for charging.

Unlike the other models that adopt a top-down design, the E3511 lies flat into the charging case which I felt that makes it easier to remove from the case.

It charges via USB-C and the case is really small and compact! You can easily fit this into your jeans or side pocket while commuting.

The earbuds feature an Apple AirPods Pro stick-like design and fit snuggly into my ears. The ANC is decent and easy to turn on and off.

The NOKIA ESSENTIAL E3511 True Wireless Earphones are available now on the Nokia Audio store on Lazada at S$149.

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